“Sakafo Malagasy” is a cooking show hosted by Ramonjy Tsiory. Born and raised in Madagascar, Ramonjy began her cooking journey as a young girl making sambos with her mother. In the 80’s, Ramonjy opened her own small restaurant – “Gargote Mirana” in Antananarivo – and she owned and operated it until retiring in 2011. As a self-taught home cook, she served typical Malagasy cuisine to close to 100 people every day for more than 20 years.

While Ramonjy, a mother as well as a chef, was in her Gargote preparing and serving food, her three sons could always be heard around the restaurant calling, “Neny, Neny, Neny!” “Neny” is the Malagasy word for “mother”, and it quickly became Ramonjy’s nickname among her regular customers. Although Neny has retired from running the restaurant and serving its hundreds of customers, she hasn’t stopped cooking for her boys!

Recently, Neny began teaching them how to prepare some of their favorite dishes on their own, and it occurred to her that other people might benefit from these lessons as well! She launched this personal website in order to share her knowledge of cooking and of Malagasy cuisine with you. Following her recipes, everyone can appreciate and enjoy the flavors of Madagascar from their own kitchen!

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